the bar

the bar


We understand that prices cannot be too high, since this would not be good for tourism. Don’t worry though, the prices are very popular, normally much lower than any other bar in the area and much cheaper than what you will find in Madrid.
And importantly, the prices are fixed for everyone, so there won’t be any surprises when it’s time to pay: there are no extra charges or fees, and all taxes are included in the advertised price.
If you’re coming from outside of Spain and are unfamiliar with our traditions, you should keep in mind that “pinchos” are important an important part of the experience: beer, wine, or some soft drink… There is not a charge for them, it’s just a detail that the bar offers its clients. If you haven’t received any pinchos, just ask the waiter who may have gotten side-tracked. Be mindful, though, because if you see them giving you a very large “pincho“, it may be considered a “serving” which is paid for separately.

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Posted on

4th April 2016