La Fresneda

Madrid, Sierra, Pedriza...

Madrid Base Camp. La Fresneda maybe the best camping site to visit Madrid. Bus close to the camp, frequently buses, fresh nights in summer, nature camp, silent style... 

40º 44,407 N

3º 48,889 W

El camping

The La Fresneda camping site has a long history, but has undergone recent renovations in 2009 and 2016.


La Fresneda campgrounds will be the first to include mountain hiking among its activities, low cost days during High Season and foam mattresses for campers.


Here, news and articles from the camp and hikking world…


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Phone and e-mail

You can contact us, Svit or Antonio.

Google Maps (Google Earth)

40,74003  N

-3,814741 W

Navegadores TomTom y Garmin

40º 44,407 N

3º 48,889 W

Nuestro teléfono de contacto

+34 918 477 213

Nuestro email de contacto


More information, Old Web





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